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Repairing Concrete Spalling & Concrete Cancer On Highrise Buildings From Southport To Coolangatta For The Last 20 Years

What We Do Best

 Spalling Repairs

Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete Spalling is common in highrise buildings close to the ocean and can result in major structure damage

Cancer Repairs

Concrete Cancer Repairs

Concrete cancer describes wear and tear. It happens when the steel that reinforces the slab starts to rust.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

With time concrete can become weak vulnerable. If this happens you will need concrete repair professional like us.

Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete waterproofing will save your asset from major water damage that happens to most buildings

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We are specialists in concrete building repairs. Most of our concrete repair work is in the industrial and commercial sector. We have experienced multi-skilled builders and tradespeople who offer expert advice, and we prioritise quality, good service, and professionalism. Our qualified team has a vast knowledge of rectification and remedial work.

More importantly, our staff fully complies with Australian Standards and legislative requirements. We adhere to requirements for insurance, environmental, and licensing considerations. We also follow the Australian health and safety standard

We value our workers and clients safety and welfare. In other words, our community and clients are vital for our business. We have a skilled remedial team. Hence you can trust us to refurbish and repair your building efficiently. Our team consists of highly trained builders, plumbers, concreters, tilers, waterproofers, and electricians. In addition, we have qualified remedial experts, painters, engineers, and plasterers.

Years Experience

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We’ve been Repairing Buildings for Over 20 Years on the Coast

At times it is challenging to prevent the occurrence of concrete cancer. Therefore, we carry out a proper assessment. You should seek expert advice from a reputable concrete repair business like us. We have the necessary expertise and experience for handling complicated concrete repair challenges.

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We have the most experienced concrete repairs team on the coast as well as the most up-to-date equipment to work with. We will solve water damage problems fast. Our team uses moisture readers and thermal cameras to track the source of the leaks.

Commonly asked questions

Concrete repair is essential because, if ignored, it can cause the concrete structure to disintegrate more. Chemical procedures like carbonation can destroy concrete structures. Also, other chemicals like chlorides can trigger concrete degradation.

What is the importance of concrete repairs?

When you ignore cracks on concrete they can widen making the damage worse. Hence moisture seeps through and compromises the structural integrity.

When should I worry about cracks in my concrete?

Steel in concrete corrodes and can lead to safety issues and with time the concrete becomes weak

What methods are used for repairing cracked concrete?

We use different concrete repair methods such as concrete crack injection and polyurethane. The three main injection methods we use are low-pressure syringe (gravity) injection, medium pressure paste-on injection packers, and high-pressure packer injection.

Is it necessary to repair the sidewalk?
An effective concrete resurfacing solution enhances your building’s safety and prolongs its service life. Hence you reduce maintenance costs and reduce the recurrence of cracks.
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