OutStanding Concrete Water Proofing On The Gold Coast

We have an expert team and guarantee suitable water proofing repair methods or systems. Furthermore, we customise each work involving concrete water proofing on the Gold Coast.
Additionally, we are reliable and work strictly according to the specified design. For us, site safety while constructing is our top priority. Because of this, we implement safety measures in all our projects before we begin.

Why is waterproofing important?

Waterproofing is a great option. However, it is rigid and breaks down over time when the building experiences movements. It is because of thermal contractions and expansion. When cracks and breakage appear, it creates various safety and health problems. At times waterproofing becomes damaged or worn. Because of this, we appreciate the need to remove these faulty areas accurately and quickly. We have a highly experienced team who use specialised machinery. Our team works accurately without any guesswork or hassle during waterproofing removal.

So you can trust our specialised team to respond fast and deliver the work. We undertake concrete waterproofing on the Gold Coast hence preparing the surfaces for replacement. Our machinery is top-notch and includes Hydraulic armed ride and floor stripping machinery. We also have diamond grinding tooling (remote controlled). For this reason, we deliver the work quickly. The best part is that we minimise the disruption in your commercial or business area. We handle all-sized concrete water proofing on the Gold Coast!

Expert commercial waterproofing

Has your concrete structure started deteriorating? In such instances, it would be best to consider the concrete repair cost. Repairs can be challenging and costly. It mainly happens to the affected structurally critical areas. In some situations, when we remove and replace the rusted steel rebar, it is effective. However, this option is disruptive and time-consuming, and at times it does not provide a solution for the defective sealing, which facilitates the leakage of moisture. The only option might be replacing the entire structure if the cancer is widespread. But this is an expensive and lengthy process. In light of this, Australian Construction offers unique concrete spalling repair techniques. Not only does it prevent more damage, but also ensures the repaired structures last long. Our team helps our clients to find the most effective and safest solutions. We use practical alternatives for concrete cancer repairs on the Gold Coast. Our team uses specialised concrete injection systems. We offer versatile and practical adaptable structural crack repairs. In addition, we offer leak sealing products. Australian Construction provides different internal services for waterproofing. More importantly, we do not disrupt the site’s operations. Do you have issues with Spalling Concrete on the Gold Coast? If so, please call us today to find out how our unique and durable methods can help.

We provide comprehensive concrete waterproofing solutions on the Gold Coast. Furthermore, we offer services to high rise complexes and commercial premises.

We handle the following:

  • Concrete repair
  • Inspections
  • Waterproofing
  • Joint sealing
  • Coatings for walkways and non-slip areas
We have created the market’s most helpful waterproofing products. Most people believe that fixing a leak entails lifting all the tiles, which leads to costly tile breakage. Then grout and concrete are replaced, and sealing is done with products like silicone. However, the fact is that this method of fixing leaks is time-consuming and expensive. Many times, however, it causes some issues with time. In light of this, we use a different waterproofing method. We use Epoxy treatment (two-part). It is a strong sealant that we apply to the whole area. It is different from sealants like silicone which we mainly apply to specific areas. Often it peels after some years. We waterproof the entire surface giving you many years’ guarantee. Better yet, the surface does not fuss, chip, peel or flake.

Our team works with various waterproofing membranes. We design these membranes to suit different materials and situations. In other words, we can handle any area that needs waterproofing. Waterproofing is essential for any building construction. We are experts in installing waterproofing membranes.

In addition, We handle:

  • Sealing joints
  • Barrier coatings
  • Brick repair
  • Protective sealing layers
  • Different below-ground work

Basement Waterproofing

Usually, it is a requirement for building codes for buildings to have waterproofing. These are buildings that are built below ground level. Drainage and waterproofing considerations are especially vital where groundwater accumulates in the soil. Moreover, waterproofing is also essential in places with the high water levels. The presence of water in the soil leads to the water exertion under basement walls and floors. This hydrostatic pressure forces the water in via cracks. Consequently, it leads to significant structural damage. For example, decay, mould and different moisture-related issues occur. We have various techniques to handle water ingress. More importantly, every project is unique.

Structural dampness

Structural dampness describes the availability of unwanted moisture in a building’s structure. It is caused by intrusion from outside. In addition, this dampness can arise from condensation inside the structure. Condensation, rising damp or rain penetration causes many damp issues in buildings.

Balcony & deck waterproofing

We have sophisticated waterproofing systems. Also, this area is very specialised. Water damage to structures is caused by faulty waterproof decks and polymer or tiles. Personal injury also happens after these systems fail. Severe issues happen in the building industry when the wrong application or improper products are used. Do you have exposed membrane systems or under-tile waterproofing products? If so we offer waterproofing services for your concrete surfaces. More importantly we work strictly according to Master Builders standards (external and internal waterproofing). All the products we use follow AS/NZ 4858:2004. Moreover, we present all the concrete water proofing on the Gold Coast solutions with manufacturers warranties.

Crack injection

It is normal for concrete foundations to experience hairline cracks. But when these cracks grow bigger, it leads to problems. Because of this, we give you a lifetime warranty on all our crack repairs. We provide polyurethane injection and epoxy injection. Furthermore, we offer exterior crack repair services. Vertical or diagonal cracks in a foundation of poured concrete can have the same width. Also, the cracks might narrow to an uneven hairline form and stop completely. Usually, it stops in the crack’s hairline or finest area. In other words, the crack ‘stops and begins’ in the same spot. Normally these are shrinkage cracks. So they should not continue and are not structurally important. But they may facilitate the entry of water through the wall.

Rooftop membrane

We are qualified at working at height. Our team not only has all the experience but also safety equipment to handle your rooftop waterproofing. Because we have Elevated Work Platform (EWP) tickets, we can work on your project from any direction.


Do you want an expert commercial waterproofing firm on the Gold Coast? If so, please call us today. We handle waterproofing projects for new buildings. In addition, we carry out remedial waterproofing for older buildings. It would be best for you to prevent moisture-related damage.
The reason is that this damage causes structural failings. So please get in touch with professional water proofers like us. We specialise in waterproofing. More importantly, we ensure we give our clients the best value possible.

Our team follows your requirements and budget to give you a satisfactory water proofing job!

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