Concrete Building Repairs On The Gold Coast

We believe that your concrete structure should be durable and long-lasting. Speak to us today about our concrete building repair warranties.

Here at Concrete Repairs GC we provide superior repair materials to prolong your structure’s life. In the future, each cent you spend to improve concrete protection, quality and enhancement is worth it. The reason is you do not need to demolish and rebuild salvageable structures. We deliver the best concrete building repairs on the Gold Coast.

Concrete deteriorates due to several chemical and physical environmental elements. We help you pick the best products to meet your precise needs. So we consider technical and practical properties. We have excellent materials for new construction as well. We are experienced in structural and cosmetic technology to restore your project. Our repair products are durable and hence last for decades after applying them.

Concrete Cancer And Its Causes

Concrete cancer occurs when the concrete slab’s steel reinforcing starts rusting. Because of the rusting, the steel inside the concrete expands. As a result, it displaces the concrete nearby, making it brittle. The concrete then cracks, making matters worse.

Concrete cancer signs:

  • Leaks occur in top concrete surfaces
  • Bubbling (plating) of concrete render
  • Rust stains that appear to leak from inside the concrete
  • Cracking and delaminated concrete (Concrete Spalling)

Various elements can lead to concrete cancer. Your building may experience spalling concrete because of different reasons.

For example, spalling concrete may happen due to:

  • Pouring substrate poorly facilitates the flow of moisture into it via voids and cracks.
  • Insufficient reinforcing steel preparation during the pouring of the original concrete.
  • The reinforcing ends’ proximity to the surface is too much. So when it rains heavily, the water might leak through. It causes the oxidation of lime and other chemicals inside the steel.
  • Using incompatible metals that are too near each other. It triggers a reaction that enables the water to get into the slab.
  • Bearing weight leads to stress fractures or overall wear and tear. Because of this, the water enters the concrete and reacts with the steel.

Please call us today on 0477 839 770 to discuss your concerns about concrete spalling, concrete cancer and concrete building repairs on the Gold Coast.

Concrete Patching Repairs

We patch all concrete all over the Gold Coast, for instance, off form or precast concrete. In most cases, concrete patching is essential for off form, precast and in situ concrete. Our team consists of highly skilled patchers. Due to this, they can quickly patch concrete, and you cannot tell a blemish ever existed! Our technicians work hard to ensure that your concrete surface goes back to its previous look.

Why is it important to patch precast concrete?

Precast concrete is different from regular concrete because of its manufacturing method. We manufacture and cure standard concrete on site. Meanwhile, we produce precast concrete in a controlled surrounding. We manufacture and transport to the construction site for installation as per the name.

Most people in the building sector prefer precast concrete. The reason is it has enhanced quality. When concrete cures off site instead of onsite, it increases the quality of the materials and artistry. Also, this process is much safer, and the formwork cost reduces. We use precast concrete in various architectural applications. It is available in multiple sizes. We use it in entire facades and clad parts.

Why choose us for the building repairs on the Gold Coast?

During the construction of precast concrete panels, patching is necessary to fix any minor flaws. When an inexperienced contractor handles the patching, the flaw is more evident. Therefore, hiring an expert like us is essential to undertake the patching.

When precast concrete panels are erected, patching can be needed to correct minor flaws. It is vital to hire one of our professionals to perform the patching, as improper patching by a novice can make the blemish more noticeable.

Expert Caulking Services

We serve different clients and carry out caulking on industrial and commercial buildings. Our expert technicians are dedicated to attaining a quality finish. More importantly, our superior finishes meet our clients’ expectations. We not only strive for excellence in artistry but also in materials.

Our expert construction caulking applies to the various areas on the Gold Coast. For example, our skilled team undertakes caulking of the different regions and materials like:

  • Penetration areas
  • Firewall
  • Door frames
  • Windows
  • Masonry buildings
  • Precast panels
  • Brickworks
  • Construction joints
  • In situ concrete
  • Alucobond
  • Concrete saw cuts caulking

What does caulking involve?

Caulking describes material and procedure that we have used for years. We mainly refer to caulk as sealant, and it is a physical and non-structural compound. Our team delivers caulk in a water and air tight non-porous seal. We use this flexible sealing compound to close gaps in windows, floors, walls, and different structures. The aim of using this product is to prevent the entry of:

  • Water
  • Insects
  • Dust
  • Air

Alternatively, we use it as a component to stop fire. Moreover, we use caulk to seal joints even if the sealing materials do not have the same substance. Caulk provides a seal, and it reacts differently depending on its material. So because there is a wide range of caulking options, it is vital to pick the correct caulk for the proper purpose. For example, caulk is necessary to build up into a hard mass in various situations. However, for other uses, it has to be flexible. Furthermore, some of our clients want to stain or paint the caulk surface. As a result, it blends in together.


We have an adaptable team, so they work on any application or building. More importantly, they meet each client’s objectives. We provide our professional knowledge to large scale government, civil and commercial building works. Our team combines quality and efficiency to give you a personalised and customised service. At all times, we update our application methods and equipment. Because of this, we know the newest industry developments. Call us today on 0477 839 770 to discuss your concrete building repairs on the Gold Coast

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