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We are skilled in concrete spalling repair techniques for civil infrastructure and buildings. We offer specialised services for concrete spalling repairs on the Gold Coast. Hence we help you to avoid more severe problems.

As a construction material, we expect concrete to be durable. We have used it for years in almost all the buildings on the Gold Coast. However, some modern facilities have begun to deteriorate. The reason is the techniques used for reinforcement. Comparatively, concrete structures made with steel reinforcing bars or rebar are significantly more potent than using steel or concrete separately.

What is Concrete Spalling?

At times the rebar begins to rust due to water and air exposure. As a result, spalling concrete occurs. Spalled concrete looks unattractive due to the cracking and flaking. Worse still, it indicates harmful structural problems. Steel reinforcement is hidden within the concrete. However, moisture can leak through small cracks. As a result, the rebar rust. It triggers a chain reaction since the corroded steel reinforcing bar becomes enlarged. The concrete nearby becomes brittle and cracks. It is known as concrete spalling. If we do not treat it, spalled concrete becomes a severe safety risk because it fails because of concrete cancer.

Signs of concrete cancer

  • The concrete render bubbles.
  • Rust stains arising from the concrete interior.
  • Leaks in the walls and roof.
  • Failing or fractured concrete.

The cracks in the spalled concrete become worse with time as they are subjected to the elements like saltwater spray from the ocean. In addition, the untreated areas of concrete fall off from the structure. Consequently, it poses a significant danger when these cracked concrete pieces fall and damage your property. These pieces of concrete can also hurt people walking below.

Methods of Concrete Spalling Repair

Has your concrete structure started deteriorating? In such instances, it would be best to consider the concrete repair cost. Repairs can be challenging and costly. It mainly happens to the affected structurally critical areas. In some situations, when we remove and replace the rusted steel rebar, it is effective. However, this option is disruptive and time-consuming, and at times it does not provide a solution for the defective sealing, which facilitates the leakage of moisture. The only option might be replacing the entire structure if the concrete cancer is widespread. But this is an expensive and lengthy process. In light of this Concrete Repairs Gold Coast offers unique concrete spalling repair techniques. Not only does it prevent more damage, but also ensures the repaired structures last long. Our team helps our clients to find the most effective and safest solutions. We use practical alternatives for concrete cancer repairs on the Gold Coast.

Our team uses specialised concrete injection systems. We offer versatile and practical adaptable structural crack repairs. In addition, we offer leak sealing products. We provide different internal services for waterproofing. More importantly, we do not disrupt the site’s operations. Do you have issues with Spalling Concrete on the Gold Coast? If so, please call us today on 0477 839 770 to find out how our unique and durable methods can help.

Long-lasting concrete spalling repairs

Using steel rebar on the Gold Coast has become problematic because of the concrete cancer prevalence. Structures located near saltwater are particularly susceptible to concrete cancer and Spalling Concrete. The reason is that the steel reinforcement begins to rust a lot faster. Most of the high-rise buildings in the 1970s in this region are currently experiencing significant damage due to concrete cancer. For this reason, the buildings are in danger of severe deterioration.

For corporate bodies and property developers, concrete spalling repairs are a big concern if they want to have the entire demolition of the disintegrating high-rise. Traditional spalling concrete repairs on the Gold Coast are costly. Also, these repairs are disruptive since the whole building’s operations stop for months. In this regard, our expert team restores the structural integrity of high rise buildings for years to come.

Concrete Cracks Epoxy Repair

There are various repair solutions when concrete structures begin to crack. However, epoxy resin concrete repair is our most effective method. You can easily use patch material such as hydraulic cement for DIY fixes. However, this solution is not long term. Structural injection (with epoxy) for concrete repair can restore damaged concrete to the pre-cracked strength.
Concrete crack resin injection describes a simple procedure of injecting the epoxy straight to the affected part. It bonds the areas of concrete back together. Epoxy moves through the spoilt concrete, providing structural strengthening. In addition, this process seals against more damage. We implement concrete crack repair using epoxy injection quickly. More importantly, the cost is minimal. It depends on the crack’s size and length.

Cold joint concrete repairs

Some issues that need our unique concrete repairs might seem minor. One standard procedure is cold joint concrete repairs. Cold joint concrete repairs are a common one. Cold joints are weak areas in concrete structures formed when a delay occurs between various concrete pours. The initial batch of concrete might begin setting before the second pour. It means these two pours features a physical joint at the centre.

At times you cannot avoid this damage. But, it is essential to solve the problem. You can confuse cold joints in the hard concrete surface with a concrete crack. The cracking voids and cold joints enable water to seep through. Due to this, concrete cancer forms and leads to structural failure. Our team offers professional services for your cold joint concrete repairs.

We carry out a comprehensive diagnosis to get the correct restoration method. Our team handles all your concrete repair and protection on the Gold Coast. For years, concrete has been a global building material. But concrete requirements change constantly. Modern methods for reinforcing concrete in the construction phase lead to other structural integrity issues as time goes.


Are you a commercial client who needs crack repair or concrete cancer services? Find out more about our unique methods for repairing concrete. Our services guarantee you long-term results. We use top quality repair systems and materials. Moreover, our team is trained and can deliver durable repairs that restore the concrete structure’s load-bearing capacity.

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