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What leads to concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer means concrete failure. When water penetrates, it leads to rusting of the concrete reinforcement. Consequently, the reinforcement expands, causing stresses on the concrete nearby, spalling or breaking away. The presence or use of chloride-based compounds and a decrease in alkalinity make the reinforcing steel bars corrode. It triggers expansion and spalling also. Water ingress makes the deterioration worse, again making the surface spall.

How does the crack injection process work?

We inject grout or resin (polyurethane or epoxy) into a void or crack during the crack injection process. We use low or high pressure. Because polyurethane is flexible, we use it to stop water leaks. Meanwhile, epoxy is glue, and we use it to bond wall areas back together. It is a form of structural repair. Our team first exposes the area by cleaning up the crack site to accomplish this mission.

Is waterproofing an effective procedure for damaged structures?

We are specialists in new and existing commercial construction. Furthermore, we have worked in the waterproofing sector for years. So our team is highly skilled in handling external and internal wet sections of buildings. Additionally, we offer a leak investigation service to indicate the particular section of water ingress. Therefore no matter what issue you have, we provide quick and affordable solutions to fix your leaking building.

What causes driveway damage?

The main reason for concrete sinks is erosion. Erosion washes soil away from beneath your driveway. It creates a space or void beneath the concrete slab. Consequently, your driveway can start sinking in the sections where the soil has been washed away. Clogged gutters or poor installation of downspouts can worsen the erosion. For instance, a heavy load, an SUV or 4×4, can make parts of your driveway sink. It also cracks with time, leading to foundation cracks and costly damage.

When is brick replacement necessary?

At times cracks start appearing on your building’s exterior walls. Bricks crack because of physical damages, climatic conditions, or plant roots. If a brick is open or cracked, moisture enters the wall. Due to this, fungal and mould development and moisture destroy the wall’s overall strength. Hence we need to replace the bricks.

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