Professional Concrete Cancer Repairs On The Gold Coast

Our team is skilled in remedial services for concrete cancer. Moreover, we develop and build custom equipment and applicators.

Concrete cancer repairs on the Gold Coast. Our concrete repair services are suitable for cancer affected concrete buildings, and our expert team has undertaken numerous concrete cancer repairs projects throughout the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. We service civil and commercial structures.

What is concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer describes a severe structural problem. This issue happens in concreted areas and is usually because of rusting. In addition, it occurs due to the reinforcement steel in the concrete structure. When rust occurs in reinforcement steel, it expands.

Consequently, the concrete near the steel becomes displaced, damaged and cracked—also, pockets of space form due to the damage around the concrete. As a result, water and moisture seep inside and near the steel. Because of this, rusting becomes worse; hence the problem escalates.

When steel rusts and expands, it leads to delamination of the concrete. Due to this, concrete spalling occurs. It describes the cracking and breaking away of concrete. Spalling leads to an awful visual effect. Worse still, it is dangerous and can make the affected concrete sections collapse or fall off. For this reason, it is advisable to let us handle your structure and carry out remedial quickly.

What leads to concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer mainly occurs due to ineffective reinforcing steel materials in the concrete. Additionally, concrete cancer occurs because of:

  1.  Placing the enforcing steel too near the concrete leads to exposure to humidity and water.
  2.  Using unsuitable enforcement metals triggers the occurrence of concrete cancer.
  3. When the concrete experiences fractures due to incorrect application of the concreting procedure.

Concrete Cancer Repairs

Our specialist team treats concrete cancer on the Gold Coast for commercial and industrial structures. We remove the damaged, fractured and spalled concrete. This process will then expose the affected enforcement steel.

Furthermore, we clean and treat the steel, depending on its condition. Is your steel greatly affected by rust? Under these circumstances, we remove and replace the steel. We then repair the area to the previous concrete profile. For this, we use concrete, epoxy mortar or cement mortar. The extent of the damage determines this. We also consider the structural needs. Our team repairs cracks using appropriate epoxy resins, injection methods and special mortars.

Concrete repair experts

We provide concrete repairs using various applications. It is the ideal solution for all your concrete cancer repair needs. Do you want wet spray or Gunite (Dry Spray)? Or do you wish to have hand-applied? In that case, our expert team is highly experienced in large scale concrete cancer repairs on the Gold Coast.

These jobs need significant sign-offs (usually from two or three separate engineers). We also handle smaller strata repairs by utilising our vast purpose-built machinery. It ranges from huge 14t gunite trucks to smaller 1t vans. Because of this, we can service almost all projects’ unique requirements.

We treat concrete cancer in all structures. Before we implement repairs, we remove the spalled concrete. Additionally, we replace, treat or clean any exposed steel. After this, we repair the area to the previous concrete profile. For this, we use concrete, epoxy mortar or cement mortar. It depends on the damage size and structural needs. We repair concrete cracks using appropriate epoxy resins, injection methods and special mortars.

Hand-Applied Concrete Cancer Repairs

At Concrete Repairs GC, we combine the ideal applicators. We also implement product awareness. Moreover, our in-house training signifies that we have the best hand-applied concrete cancer repairs service on the Gold Coast. It is best practice for:

  •  Minor Spalling
  •  Facades
  •  Difficult to access areas
  •  Smaller repairs

Where hand-applied concrete repair is concerned, our teams knowledge and applicator skills are the best on the coast. We have  vast experience in this industry and have been repairing buildings on the Gold Coast for over 20 years.

Wet Spray Concrete Cancer Repairs

We feed a pre-mixed concrete repair material inside a pump during the wet-sprayed concrete repair. We then spray on the substrate. Usually, we use this kind of repair in high or medium volume types of concrete.

Concrete Repairs GC has tailor-made and enhanced existing and new pumps. It helps in:

  • Reduced wastage
  •  More precise application
  •  Volume output every hour
  •  More accurate application

Gunite-Dry Spray Repairs

We have custom-built Gunite (Dry Spray) machines. Technologically these machines rank top in the concrete remediation market. Our dustless setups surpass all the Australian environmental & safety standards. However, our clients enjoy the major benefits. Our CPR Gunite setup presents the most affordable and efficient technique of establishing high-volume concrete cancer repairs in our Australian market. We have skilled operators and modern machinery. Due to this, we provide the best services for your remediation requirements.


  •  Each day our staff and machines deliver between 1000-4000 liters of repair volume.
  • Selection of project-specific material
  • Lower rebound and wastage
  •  Six output levels for various applications
  •  A unique dustless dry spray mechanism on the Gold Coast
  •  Customised machinery that offers large volumes, increased efficacy and less wastage.

The main advantages are:

Efficiency: Our customised Gunite system is a leader in the industry’s efficiency. More importantly, we offer affordable rebound and dust gunite machines. Hence, the application’s efficiency increases. Moreover, there is a significant reduction of product wastage onsite. In addition, we provide video demonstrations and footage.

Quality: In all our major civil projects, we are proud to surpass all Quality Control laid out. We have always been successful in testing processes onsite. It includes bond strength, geography and strength testing.


For years the team at Concrete Repairs GC have created and delivered concrete repair and remediation services on the Gold Coast. We rank top in professional services like structural crack injection, carbon fibre reinforcement and concrete cancer repairs. In addition, we provide chemical resistant coating and slab jacking for big concrete assets. We are famous for major Gunite spraying because our methods increase efficiency, decrease wastage and are dust-free.

We will be please to handle your concrete cancer repair needs on the Gold Coast, so please call us today on 0477 839 770!

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