Building Inspections To Avoid Concrete Spalling On The Gold Coast

Concrete spalling refers to concrete degradation, which results from reinforcement corrosion. Concrete spalling mainly affects structures and usually affects older structures close to coastlines.

We provide effective building inspections on the Gold Coast to detect concrete spalling. This procedure enables us to carry out simple repairs early. If we do not treat concrete spalling correctly and fast, it leads to significant problems.

Furthermore, our remedial engineering team on the Gold Coast has significant knowledge about the different phases of concrete degradation. More importantly, they know the suitable restorative treatment needed to protect assets. Given this, we are proud to offer you expert suggestions. In addition, we give you professional technical solutions. Consequently, we repair concrete spalling on all concrete structures successfully.

Signs to check for in cement and Concrete Render

  •  Spalling, flaking, crumbling,   expanding concrete
  •  Rust stains seeping from the concrete
  •  Plating, blistering and bubbling of concrete render
  • Overhead concrete surfaces experience leaks
  • Rusting and exposed reinforcement push concrete, making it crack and loosen.

Façade Remediation

Our remedial engineering consultants are not only highly skilled but experienced. Hence they diagnose all categories of façade distress. We can extend our inspections through rope access. Because of this, we ensure we undertake a detailed assessment of the whole structure. There are different reasons for signs of façade displacement, cracking, or structural distress signs.


For example, these might arise from:

  • Ground movement
  • Brick growth
  • Failure of cavity wall tiles
  • Render delaminating
  • Mortar erosion

We mainly provide façade remedial works that consist of:

  • Brickwork reconstruction
  • Re-pointing
  • Remedial cavity wall ties
  • Re-skimming
  • Render repairs
  • Replacing cavity flashing
  • Lintel replacement
  • External brickwork re-skinning

Façade Coating

Our coating specialist consultants and engineering team work together. They establish client budget, building material and performance needs. In turn, they create a highly adaptable coating system.

Protective coating systems present the primary mechanism to protect assets from the elements. We have professionals who are comprehensively involved with coating manufacturers. The coating manufacturers are highly reputable. Hence they ensure they apply the most suitable and durable coating system on all our projects.

Rope Access Inspections

Our team ensures they undertake comprehensive building inspections to any building’s height on the Gold Coast. It is challenging to assess and diagnose any façade defect. But we have a skilled and licensed Rope Access team. So we recognise the precise location. Hence we ensure the proper diagnosis of any flaw. Our qualified remedial diagnostic consultants ensure they compile correct and detailed documentation. Due to this, they reduce the risk during project changes.

Building Diagnostics

Our building assessment team provides technical, formatted diagnostic reports. However, you can quickly read these reports. In other words, we give you real and practical solutions for every building fault. We have the resources to prepare various inspections (reporting and strata)—our building assessment team endeavours to offer technical but straightforward to read formatted diagnostic reports. The reports provide not only factual but also practical solutions.

Some of the building diagnostics services we offer are:

  • Remedial building specifications & Scope of Works
  • Tendering capital works projects
  • Building condition reports

It involves presenting a detailed audit of the overall state of the building. In light of this, we highlight any problems related to the building. For instance, we identify structural, façade or waterproofing issues within the structure.

After this, we determine solutions based on a formulated method or a single comprehensive remedial package.

  • Sinking Fund Assessments
  • We create practical capital works plans for your financial future.
  • Engineering reports
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Cracking reports
  • Water penetration reports
  • Building Defects and Expert Witness

Our Gold Coast building engineering consultants know that it can be hard to identify building defects. The reason is that there are numerous development and existing building methods. However, we have a professional and informed defects team. More importantly, this team is updated on new building technologies and standards. Hence they ensure they protect clients during the building inspections on the Gold Coast.

We offer detailed and structured reports that follow industry standards litigation compliance. Our defects staff has worked together with different legal firms, for instance, court proceedings and litigation matters. After matters settle, our remedial engineering consultants are committed to handling the rectification works from beginning to end.

Remedial Structural Engineering

Retaining Walls Remediation

We provide remedial building solutions to new retaining walls design on the Gold Coast. In addition, we offer existing retaining wall structures remediation. For instance, we offer:

  • Shotcrete
  • Crib walls
  • Brickwork
  • Block work

We have updated building services engineers with the newest practical building products and design methods. In addition, we provide the latest building products and design methods.

Concrete & Asphalt Driveway

Our civil & structural engineers on the Gold Coast appreciate the importance of successful pavement design. Because of this, we consider factors like environmental and storm water drainage conditions. Therefore it ensures that structural integrity is maintained with practical longevity.

There are two main categories of rigid and flexible pavements. So the civil engineering consultants consider;

  • Replacement & refurbishment costs
  • Long-term maintenance

In this regard, we use different scenarios to establish lifecycle costs. At the same time, we offer contractual framework maintenance.

Inspection reports for front awning inspections

Local authorities on the Gold Coast implement mandatory safety regulations on awning structures throughout the Gold Coast. We offer complete assessment; for example, we arrange specialist remedial contractors and essential remedial building works. Consequently, it ensures we complete projects with structural certification, which follows the council’s requirements.


Booking an inspection with us for remedial services gives you a comprehensive and informative assessment. After all, our senior inspectors are highly experienced in the industry. Moreover, our inspectors have a vast knowledge of the industry and use the newest non-invasive inspection techniques.

We undertake comprehensive site assessment and diagnosis procedures. Due to this, we offer our clients industry-leading professional advice, and after the inspection, our skilled staff presents comprehensive recommendations. More importantly, we customise the report depending on your problems and email it to you immediately.

We will be happy to provide you with the ideal building inspections on the Gold Coast today!

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