Concrete material should withstand the elements. People have used this material for years, and it is found in nearly all structures. However, most modern buildings begin to deteriorate with time. The reason is the reinforcement techniques applied. Concrete structures consisting of steel reinforcing bars or rebar are stronger than when steel or concrete are separate.

Issues arise when the rebar begins rusting due to water and air exposure. It spills concrete, making the concrete look terrible due to cracking and flaking. Worse still, it is the first indication that your building has dangerous structural problems.
Although steel reinforcement is inside the concrete, moisture can leak through small cracks that rust the rebar. Several things happen because the rusted steel reinforcing bar enlarges significantly. Also, the concrete nearby becomes fragile and cracks are termed concrete spalling. When spalled concrete is not treated, it becomes a serious safety hazard fast since the structure fails because of concrete cancer.

Signs of concrete cancer

· The concrete render bubbles
· Rust stains arise from inside the concrete
· The walls and roof leak
· Failing or fractured concrete

The passage of time worsens the cracks in spalled concrete because of exposure to the elements. Untreated concrete pieces fall away from the structure. It can lead to dangerous consequences; for example, parts of the concrete fall and damage property. Worse still, the falling pieces of cracked concrete can harm anyone walking below. Please talk to a concrete specialist when you see indications of concrete cancer. They will give you the best options for structural repairs.

Waterstop injection
Water ingress services

When water seeps into a concrete structure, it is called water ingress. Each year the construction and building sector on the Gold Coast uses billions of dollars for concrete damage repair. This damage is triggered by moisture and water, and a tiny water leak can signify a major issue. Water ingress makes foundation walls and concrete slabs weak and sensitive. It also makes the steel reinforcements corrode. As a result, costly and potentially hazardous problems arise.
Ineffective waterproofing is the main trigger for concrete cancer. Even tiny cracks in concrete cancer can facilitate water flow. When a crack becomes exposed to water, it leads to problems with the concrete’s steel reinforcing bars. The rusted steel enlarges, making the steel nearby fragile hence it breaks. It is called spalling, and if ignored, the structure disintegrates from concrete cancer. The best step would be to remedy water leaks in concrete before they turn into a significant structural repair problem.

What leads to water ingress?

You can ignore the water leaking from your concrete at times because the damage is not obvious. Also, property owners can leave water ingress untreated until the floor and walls start to crack. When water somehow enters the concrete, the issue becomes worse with time. Hence it is crucial to determine the leak’s origin and seal it. Doing this prevents severe structural problems like concrete cancer. Water can seep through the concrete from any section. It is challenging to handle the leak source efficiently without practical skills. Water ingress occurs in concrete structures due to:

· Heavy rainfall
· Poor drainage systems
· Leaking pipes

When concrete experiences small gaps, it facilitates water flow through such pipe penetrations and expansion joints. Flowing water is not the only reason that serious structural issues happen. When damp rises, moisture from the soil nearby soaks inside the concrete foundations. An effective and reliable method for concrete crack repairs is water stop injection. Furthermore, using this technique with elastomer resins (polyurethane-based) is highly effective. The resins have a minimal cure time. Hence it is best for sealing an active leak when the foundation crack is still damp. In addition, water stop injection presents low viscosity, therefore facilitating watertight sealing of even tiny wall and floor cracks.

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