Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is similar to a piece of marble or granite. However, it looks different because it is polished. Decorative aggregate makes concrete attractive. Concrete is placed, and then the exterior ‘skin’ of cement paste is removed to acquire an exposed-aggregate façade. It uncovers coarse decorative aggregate, which is either batched inside the concrete mix or seeded to the surface. Exposed aggregate finish is durable and skid-resistant; hence it is best for most flatwork such as:

· Pool decks
· Patios
· Driveways
· Sidewalks

It is possible to apply exposed-aggregate finish on concrete walls, for example:

· Retaining walls
· Facades
· Sound barriers
· Concrete driveways

Sometime back, it was easy to decide the driveway material to use; concrete or asphalt. However, nowadays, the options for concrete have increased to a fantastic variety of decorative options. Decorative concrete is at times termed as painted concrete or cement driveway. This style is practical for enhancing your building’s entrance.

Plain grey concrete is a popular installation. However, many people are changing to decorative concrete. The reason is decorative concrete presents stunning effects. Moreover, decorative driveways give your building instant curb appeal, whatever style you choose. Even if you have a concrete driveway already, you can still have a decorative transformation. The concrete sector on the Gold Coast has produced many methods and techniques to resurface or rejuvenate existing plain-grey driveways.

To ensure that the lovely appearance of your concrete driveway lasts for years, the driveway contractor should follow the necessary steps during installation. The functionality and appearance of your driveway mainly depend on the quality of materials and artistry implemented into it. In light of this, you should work with an experienced and specialised company. A concrete driveway is easy to maintain for years. Are you worried about the environment? The good news is that concrete ranks among the ‘greenest’ materials for building a driveway. They consist of renewable resources and can use recycled materials. Moreover, concrete saves energy due to light reflection, which is long-lasting. Also, you can recycle concrete when its service life ends.

Plain concrete

Plain concrete is widespread and is available as smooth or slightly brushed to improve traction. Concrete surfaces are available in different ranges to suit various needs. Reinforced concrete enhances tensile and compressive strength and different decorative finishes like:

· Exposed
· Coloured
· Stencil
· Stamped

Coloured concrete

Do you like decorative concrete? If so, the best feature is that every installation is wholly unique. Concrete is available in almost any texture, pattern, design or shape. Colour is one most outstanding traits of decorative concrete, and it can be used to blend with nature. In addition, colour can be used to make a dramatic and bold statement.

There is a wide range of colour options and shades palettes to pick from. You may want to enhance brushed or plain concrete. Alternatively, you may wish to combine with stencilled, stamped or exposed aggregate. Whatever the case, the colour appeal makes your concrete surface a lot more appealing. Therefore it is certainly worth considering. Transform your driveway into an enticing work of art or pick earth tones to acquire a rustic natural appearance.

Concrete cleaning

Since concrete is porous, it holds dirt well, and hence it is a challenging surface to clean. Also, there are different concrete finishes. So the surrounding environments present more challenges and need different cleaning methods. Different types of dirt contaminate the concrete, such as:

· Proteins
· Grease
· Rusts
· Salts

Under these circumstances, you may need oxidation cleaners, complete degreasing, acid solution or gentle pH-neutral cleaning. Work with a skilled company with the correct experience and tools to do the job safely, thoroughly and economically.

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