Curtain Injection

At times water leaks into structures due to concrete damage. Because the ground conceals this water, it is disturbing and costly to repair. If tiny hairline cracks in the floors and walls are ignored, they become significant problems with time. It is sometimes impossible and impractical to use digging to access outside walls.
However, when curtain injection is used to repair the concrete foundation, it stops various leaks simultaneously. As a result, the structure does not suffer permanent damage. Because of this, the technique is famous for repairing leaking:

· Underground car parks
· Concrete slabs
· Basement walls
· Different structures that are affected by different elements.

This method is best for structures that are impossible to seal from the outside. In addition, curtain injection may be necessary when previous crack injection attempts have been unsuccessful. Also, this technique is suitable. Some of the cracks are not located in a leaking wall. Pressure injection is used to fix a gel curtain behind the building during the curtain injection method. It forms a watertight sealing impact around it.

Holes are pierced through the structure using a grid pattern used to inject a flexible hydro-structure gel inside the soil on the opposite side. The gel curtain offers a long-lasting solution that prevents water or moisture from entering the structure. Consequently, it stops the concrete foundation wall from suffering more damage.

Unique solutions for repairing basement leak

When water and moisture enters concrete structures, it leads to costly damage. Moisture makes foundation walls and concrete slabs weak and sensitive. It leads to corrosion of the steel reinforcements, leading to various hidden problems. Structures that are in contact with the ground need protection from water contact. However, faulty external membranes, varying groundwater levels and shifting in the structure can damage concrete foundations.

Customary post-construction techniques used for protecting structures underneath the ground are complicated. Moreover, these methods are not always practical. Interior sealing conceal the issue but does not repair the structure. Before sealing any surfaces externally, total exposure through excavation is essential. If your structure’s surrounding has been constructed already, excavation is an option. The reason is that it is costly and has a significant impact.
Curtain injection solutions are available on the Gold Coast, which eliminates the need for expensive excavations. At the same time, this procedure prevents any interruptions to nearby buildings. The gel curtain is infused through the interior to the exterior wall. Hence it forms a waterproof seal around your structure.
Boreholes are drilled through the structure in a grid outline to begin the curtain injection procedure. With specialised pumping equipment, flexible hydro-structure gels are applied via the drilled holes. They are injected from the wall’s lowest point and gradually worked higher. This process facilitates the achievement of a whole curtain membrane on the wall’s external side.

Concrete foundation cracks expert repair

The process of curtain injection for repairing concrete foundations depends on the kind of injection material used. Flexible hydro structure gels are effective in solving waterproofing issues. For example, this procedure is effective for prevalent water ingress.

In addition, it is ideal for non-existent or ruptured waterproofing membranes. Moreover, they present significant benefits in strengthening structures constructed on weak fine media, which have experienced shifting by ground movement. Flexible hydro-structure gels feature tailored setting times and water-like viscosity. So the gel enters the spaces between fine grains and stabilises fine media hence producing load-bearing capabilities. This technology is effective in successfully waterproofing leaking structures like:

· Tunnel and basement construction joints
· Polystyrene basement walls
· Masonry basement walls
· Basement concrete slabs and walls


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